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The Sky Tonight

Use this GREAT tool for determing the whether or not you will experience good viewing tonight!

Daily weather conditions and the outlook for astronomical seeing can be found at the Intellicast SkyWatch page

Excellent accounts of daily astronomical events throughout the year is available in a PDF format from The Universe Today

Click here for a variety of astronomical charts as well as the transcript of recent editions of the popular radio show Star Date.

National Geographic presents a map of the evening sky which enables you to get close up views of stars and constellations merely by clicking on images. At several celestial locations you can also see dazzling photographs from the Hubble Space Craft.

Light pollution is just of the reasons we cannot see as many stars at night as we should. See brilliant (but depressing) satellite images of photopollution all vcer the planet Earth

Find out when you can see the satellites orbiting the Earth at the Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page

Which is your favorite Nebula?: