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Directions to Fountain Property

Directions to Fountain Property, provided by

Directions starting from Gordon:
Take hwy 243 toward Milledgeville. Go approximately 10 miles to Mt. Pleasent Church Road. Take a right on Mt. Pleasent Church Road. ( This road my be easy to miss so I will have a sign reading MGAS). After taking a right on Mt. Pleasent Church Road go approximately 4 miles to Doke Road. Take a left on Doke Road. ( Doke Road is a small dirt road and I will have a MGAS sign here along with some pink flaging material.) Go approximately 3/10 of a mile on Doke Road and take a left when you see some more pink flaging material. Go down this dirt path a few hundred yards and go through the right gate. At this point you will notice a field to your right. Go in that direction and you will find us.

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