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Woodward Farm

Directions to Woodward Farm:

Take I-75 South to exit 134 ( South Perry Parkway). TURN LEFT

Go past the GA National Fair Grounds and Agricenter to ELKO Road; this lies about one mile form the intersection with I-75 and is on the east side of the fair grounds. You'll see a large street sign on the right. TURN RIGHT

Go approximately 5.2 miles south on ELKO Road to Sewell Road. A Church is on the northwest side of the intersection. TURN RIGHT

Go west on Sewell Road for roughly one mile until you reach Terrell Road, the first dirt road that crosses Sewell Road. The entrance will be the next driveway to the right. Drive slowly and approach the property with your low beams on!

There may be a sign at the corner of Elko Rd and Sewell Rd and one by the driveway entrance

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Elko Observatory

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