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Museum of Arts & Sciences - Macon

Graphic: MAS MACON ProjectorMark Smith Planetarium, located at the Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences, was first opened in 1965. It has a 40-foot-diameter dome, 118 comfortable tilting seats, surround-sound stereo, and an elec- tronically-automated image projection system. Various special effects can depict meteor showers, aurorae, nebulae, alien atmospheres, and more. With Internet connection, satellite TV hook-up, and laserdisc/DVD video capability, virtually any image can be projected onto the dome; from movies, to live NASA-TV, online streaming video, and digital slideshow presentations. 

The center-piece of the Planetarium is the Minolta MS-10 star projector, which depicts the sun, moon, planets, and up to 4,000 other celestial objects. Even experienced stargazers will be impressed with such subtle details as the colors of certain bright stars, the cloudlike band of our Milky Way, and    the indistinct "puffs" of neighboring galaxies. With the Planetarium's "time-travel" capability, you can journey to see the skies over any part of Earth, at any time period in human history. Public shows are presented every day.

Museum of Arts and Sciences
4182 Forsyth Road
Macon, GA 31210
(478) 477-3232

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