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Kids & Astronomy

Children have wonderful imaginations and astronomy can be one of the most exciting ways to encourage them to put their imaginations to use. Children enjoy learning about astronomy. It is fun for them and inexpensive too.

Graphic: Kids & Astronomy

You don’t need a telescope to look at the stars. You can use binoculars or just your eyes. So grab a blanket, some snacks and head for a dark spot to enjoy an evening with your child. Children are welcome to attend our events. There are also many astronomy sites on the internet just for kids. Come and explore!

Have Fun While Learning!

We've found some great resources out on the web for the kids to enjoy.


  • Kathy Schrock compiled a huge collection of links that help explain many aspects of astronomy
  • If you want a more systematic approach to learning about astronomy, explore the Universal Class
  • Be An Astronomer Right From Your Window is a great site for kids to learn about Astronomy from home. Thanks to Quentin D for the contribution!
  • Space Lessons for Kids contains useful links to about our solar system, comets, meteorites, and much more.  (Many thanks for this link from Eve Russell and the kids at her summer library program.)





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